QEWB Affiliate Overview

Quantum Energy Wellness Bed Affiliate Program Overview

What It Means to Be a VST Affiliate

Becoming a Quantum Energy Wellness Bed (QEWB) affiliate through Void Space Technologies (VST) is an opportunity to join VST on the journey of sharing the QEWB and other future quantum technology innovations out into the world. This means that affiliates help share educational materials so people can learn about this new technology and how it may support their wellness. VST places an emphasis on education, ethical marketing practices, and creating choice where there wasn’t one before. 

What does this mean?

It means that VST and its affiliates focus on using content to educate people about the bed, how it works, and its benefits. 

It means that VST and its affiliates are honest and ethical in their communications,  show up authentically, and do not ever use misleading content or claims to promote the beds. 

Lastly, it means that VST and its affiliates create choice. They provide access to all relevant information; what one decides to do with that is up to them. 

VST Affiliates are paid a percentage of all sales they generate. As an affiliate agrees to represent VST and becomes a part of the ecosystem, they are provided with marketing materials, a central landing page, promotional content, and other branded materials in an effort to support their affiliate journey. 

All affiliates are given a unique code to share with potential buyers of the QEWB. It is with this unique code that VST tracks affiliate sales and pays the respective commission percentages. Anyone who purchases a bed using the unique affiliate code will receive a shipping credit of up to $2,500 towards their purchase. This perk structure is designed to create value for both the affiliate and the new bed owner. 

Eligibility Requirements

Tier 1:

Becoming a Tier 1 Affiliate is open to any person who feels called to join VST on the journey of sharing the QEWB with the world. Those interested can apply to be an affiliate through this link and then receive a questionnaire. Upon approval, VST will provide further details and necessary documentation to become a Tier 1 Affiliate.

Tier 2: 

Must be an Owner of a QEWB. 

Affiliate Sale Commission 

Tier 1 Affiliates are paid a 4% commission of the bed price for every direct sale they create. 

In addition, the new bed owner receives up to $2,500 in shipping credits.

Tier 2 Affiliates are paid a 7% commission of the bed price for every direct sale they create as well as additional perks & benefits. 

How the Affiliate Program Works

All VST Affiliates are given a unique code that acts as their personal identifier. This code allows VST to track which affiliates generate which sales, track all commission payouts, and ensure all affiliates are compensated in fair exchange. 

Affiliates may provide their unique code: 

  • when sharing any QEWB related content on social media, 
  • when speaking with interested buyers, or 
  • as part of any marketing efforts. 

VST has dedicated success managers to help guide buyers through their journey of purchasing a QEWB. They will ask potential buyers to provide the unique code of the affiliate that brought the QEWB into their awareness, allowing VST to track commissions within its system. 

Put simply: Every time an affiliate’s unique code is used to purchase a bed, they get paid. 

How to Join the Affiliate Program

Joining the Affiliate Program is a 4-step process:

  1. You may apply to join by filling out the form HERE.
  2. You will automatically be provided a questionnaire to complete. 
  3. VST will share the necessary documentation for you to review and sign.
  4. VST will share educational materials, social media content, your unique code as well as other helpful materials to support your journey as an affiliate.

If you have any questions, email affiliates@voidspacetech.org and a VST team member will be there to guide you through the process.