Personal Nexus Reality (PNR)

The PNR is a programmed copper device which creates biophotons that help the body heal faster.

A personal nexus reality is important in a world where nexus realities still exist. Otherwise, you may not be able to hold your level of presence in the space if your presence is higher than the space around you.

A PNR device is designed to assist in buffering reality which allows you to have more room to process information faster.

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Created by MTVO.

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What others are Saying

Rated 5 out of 5

The PNR has supported my ability to hold my own space in many different situations. Having now worked with the PNR for about a year I can recognize how much it has taught me in regards to holding and expressing my own energy. I have used it most recently as a healing tool – I received a painful bite from a spider while in the garden. My finger swelled and gradually it became painful to open and close my hand. Two days later the throbbing and pain woke me while sleeping. Intuitively I reached for my PNR (which I was at the time under my pillow) and placed my hand over the Azure symbol – I was surprised at how quickly the pain subsided and I was able to fall back asleep. On waking much of the swelling had dissipated and the pain reduced with the healing that had occurred.


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