Frothy Not Coffee: An Amazing Way to Start the Day

Frothy Not Coffee: An Amazing Way to Start the Day

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The Frothy Not Coffee is one of our favorite spiritual concoctions. This morning blend was designed to help kick-start the day on a high note and provide an abundance of resources to support our bodies.

Let’s grab the ingredients and dive in!

Here's what you need to create your own Frothy Not Coffee:

  • 🖤 Bodum BISTRO electric milk frother: This handy device will help us achieve a creamy and frothy texture for our beverage.
  • 🥛 Planet Oat oat milk: we choose this delicious and plant-based milk alternative for a smooth and velvety base.
  • Not Coffee: This award-winning coffee alternative is made with functional mushrooms, offering a unique and flavorful experience without the caffeine jitters.
  • 🤎 Grounded M-State powder: This special Monoatomic powder is known for its grounding properties, helping to connect us to the Earth and create a sense of balance.
  • Most of these can be found on the VST website 😃. While the above are the core ingredients of the Frothy Not Coffee, here are some fun optional ingredients we love to play around with to create some variety.

Optional Ingredients:

  • Sugar: If you enjoy a touch of sweetness, consider adding Florida Crystals raw cane sugar to enhance the flavor.
  • LMNT chocolate: A fan favorite that gives a flavor boost and an abundance of resources to energize our energy levels.

Here are the steps to create this awesome drink:

  1. 🥛 Pour oat milk into the Bodum BISTRO electric milk frother until it reaches the 2nd level. This will allow you to achieve the perfect consistency for your drink.
  2. ☕ Add a spoonful of Not Coffee to the milk in the frother. Adjust the amount based on your personal preference for flavor intensity.
  3. 🤎 Sprinkle a dash of Grounded M-State powder into the mixture. This will infuse your beverage with grounding properties, promoting a deeper connection to the Earth.
  4. Optional: If desired, you could now add a teaspoon of Florida Crystals raw cane sugar to enhance the sweetness, or sprinkle in some LMNT chocolate into your Frothy Not Coffee for a resource boost.
  5. Place the lid on the frother and turn it on, allowing the ingredients to blend and froth until the desired consistency is achieved.
  6. Pour your Frothy Not Coffee into your favorite mug, and take a moment to appreciate the aromatic flavors and the intention you've infused into your drink.

Of course, we encourage you to create, play and explore other combinations that best align with your energy. Remember, the Frothy Not Coffee recipe is just the beginning!

Feel free to explore and play with other combinations that resonate with you and join our Heartbeat Community group chat to get new ideas and explore how other people play with VST products.

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