EMF vs. Scalar vs. Quantum

EMF vs. Scalar vs. Quantum

Before we begin, it's important to note that there are different types or ranges of energy in the world. This post focuses on 3 of the more common ones: Electro Magnetic Frequencies (EMFs), Scalar, and Quantum Energy.

Many people hear EMFs and immediately think “negative”, but that's not the case: Energy is just potential. EMFs are simply a lower range of energy. Then there’s Scalar energy, which is the upper range of energy. And then you have Quantum, which encompasses the entire range of energy and time itself. 🤯

The Energy Range Buffet 🍱 

An easy analogy we love to use to help understand these different ranges of energy and how they interact, is imagining yourself being at a buffet. This is an infinite buffet with every meal you could ever think of or desire, right there for your choosing.

EMFs: The Lower Energy Range 🥗 

Think of EMFs as the lower ranges of energy. It’s basically like being at this buffet, but unfortunately, you are only allowed to grab dishes from the salad section of the buffet. It’s still all you can eat, but only from the veggies section.

Scalar: Exploring the Upper Limits 🥗🍗🥔 

Now there’s Scalar, the upper range of energy. You’re working your way up with this one, and now you get to eat chicken, salad, and even some potatoes. However, the rest is still not available to you. If you just want chicken, salad, and potatoes, Scalar is amazing, and you can have as much as you want.

Quantum: Where Infinite Potential Resides 🥗🍗🥔🍝🍕🍰🥐🍪

Where it gets interesting is when you consider Quantum. Quantum is all the energy ranges and time itself, so in this scenario, there are no limits on your food selection.

The Quantum says, “Hey, here's the all-you-can-eat buffet, let your divine intelligence choose.”
- Jason Estes

Now all of that amazing buffet and all the options available are right there for the taking. But, it’s up to your diving intelligence to choose what it actually needs.

On Divine Intelligence

To help conceptualize divine intelligence, think about a kid and their parent going to a buffet. The kid may think he needs chicken fingers and chicken fingers ONLY. But his parent knows that he needs some greens, he needs some water, and he needs some pasta. So in this example, our divine intelligence is the parent and we are the child.

When you interact with the Quantum, our divine intelligence (or the parent) grabs and puts everything that you need on the plate, ensuring you’re always getting the right nutrients and resources.

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