QEWB Customer Terms + Agreements

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Quantum Energy Wellness Bed

Customer Terms + Agreements

Hello and welcome to our community!

Here are a few key elements for your consideration to ensure a safe delivery and a positive experience with your Quantum Energy Wellness Bed. Please review the following and see if everything mentioned here is clearly understood.

Payment Terms

The Quantum Energy Wellness Bed is currently priced at $48K USD. Full payment will be due before the bed can be shipped. The deposit and all subsequent payments made towards the bed are non-refundable.

Shipping within the continental US is included in the cost of your bed. However, there may in some cases be a price difference between residential and commercial deliveries, and this will factor into your final pricing. Please note international shipping is performed on a per client and per country basis, as each country has their own tax and import fees and arrangements will be addressed on a per-client basis. You are responsible for the total cost of the bed, plus shipping, sales tax and any additional fees due to import duties.

If you mention an affiliate referral code on your sales call to purchase your QEWB, we are happy to offer you up to $2500.00USD off of shipping costs for the delivery outside of the continental US. For international orders you will be charged ahead of time accordingly to cover all costs associated with your delivery. After successful completion of your delivery, any overages not utilized in shipping that were charged to you will be returned.

During our call, we will collect your delivery address, then confirm the sales tax and final amount to wire. After the call, you will receive an invoice with bank details to send the wire transfer to. Once your wire transfer is confirmed on your end, please email qewb@voidspacetech.org to confirm you’ve sent the payment. Once we see the wire complete on our end, we will initiate the shipment of your bed and email you with logistics and details of your order.

Shipping + Delivery

After full payment and depending on your location and requirements for transportation, our estimated delivery time is 45 days. Our Customer Service team will provide you with tracking updates. Remote locations, islands, and properties with multiple dwellings can all create issues that you should discuss with our team prior to shipment. At least one personnel will be present upon delivery to assist you with transporting the bed to the right location and setting it up. It is advisable that you have an able-bodied person on hand at your location to assist if additional support is required (the bed weighs 140 pounds).


Affiliates + Marketing

We are in the process of creating marketing materials and other assets regarding our affiliate referral program, which we will share with you as soon as we can. For QEWB owners who feel called to offer QEWB-related services publicly, we are also developing materials to support them with setting up their own public sessions and business offerings. We will be in touch with updates via email.



The QEWB comes with a five year warranty. We suggest that you review the warranty if you have any questions prior to purchase. We sell from existing inventory, sourcing products that are completed and have identifiable product numbers. If there is any issue with the production or delivery of your product, we will notify you and, if the purchase cannot be facilitated for any reason, refund your deposit.

As specified in the warranty, Void Space Technologies is the distributor of the QEWB, whereas Quantum Med Tech is the manufacturer. For any issues with the machine itself or inquiries about replacement parts, please reach out to the manufacturer contact information listed in the warranty.


Refund Policy

All purchases are final. VST has a no-refund policy. Please ensure that you are certain of your purchase prior to completing the transaction. You may contact VST prior to making a purchase regarding questions about particular products, but any statements made by VST’s representative do not supersede or create conditions subsequent to these Terms and Conditions.