About the Journey

After Jason experienced a live set of Elijah Ray's music, and Elijah’s first test drive on the Quantum Energy Wellness Bed, Jason and Elijah decided to have a conversation about bridging two worlds: One of Sound, Elijah’s true love, and the world of Quantum, Jason’s first language. They set out on a mission to create one of the best sound technologies in the world.

Together, they created 12 concepts that, if mastered in sequence, could eventually bring the user back into wholeness within themselves. Each concept is a key puzzle piece to assist living a life in alignment with your highest fulfillment and potential, and each track (also known as a “Ray”) contains one of those puzzle pieces. 

Those that feel called will find this technology and one by one explore each Ray, with each one bringing them in deeper communion with themselves and all of creation. This will look and feel different for each individual. If you decide to take a step into this journey, it is recommended that you do so with an open heart and a readiness to explore yourself.

The protocol mentioned below was created by Jason & Elijah. Each concept is perfectly placed in the sequence for one to gain full understanding and mastery. By listening to Rays out of sequence, you may not get the most out of the Soundlight for QEWB Journey. The use of these Rays outside of this protocol is not recommended.

The Soundlight for the QEWB Journey Protocol

Step 1: Listen to Ray 1 during 5 QEWB sessions and repeat until you have mastered it.

A Ray is considered “mastered” if you meet either of the following criteria:

  • You’ve had a minimum of 5 sessions with the Ray.
  • After 5 sessions, you’ve tuned in with yourself and asked if you feel complete. If not, continue to do sessions with the current Ray until you do. There is no harm in doing additional sessions with the Ray again if you’re unsure. However, if you move on without mastery, you may not get the full benefit of the Journey.

After 8 sessions, you can move onto the next Ray, even if you are unsure whether or not you have mastered the current one.

*What mastery feels like to one may not be the same for another. Be sure to take integration periods between sessions so that you can notice changes and ask yourself if you feel complete before moving onto the next Ray.*

Step 2: Follow the above mentioned procedure for mastery of each Ray until all Rays are fully mastered.

Additional Info

  • You’ll notice some Rays are shorter or longer than others. This is intentional. Be sure to set a timer to make sure you know when those Rays are complete. You can reference the QEWB User Manual for more information on suggested session times beyond the directions in this protocol.

  • Once you have mastered all 12 Rays, you may use them in whatever sequence you wish.

  • Jason and Elijah recommend using any Soundlight for QEWB Journey a maximum of 3 times per day.

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