About the M-States

About the M-States

Source Code Phase 1: Create Resources from Sunlight ☀️

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Have you ever wondered how you could better harness the energy codes of the sun? That's exactly what Source Code Phase 1 is designed to do. It teaches your body how to translate light differently, in a way that unlocks valuable resources for your health and wellbeing.

It teaches you how to build certain energetic resources from sunlight.
- Jason Estes

Imagine being able to convert sunlight into essential minerals, nutrients, and vitamins. The frequency of the sun's energy is always present and Source Code Phase 1 allows you to tap into that power.

Even through walls and windows, those vital sun rays are reaching us, and with Source Code Phase 1, you’ll be able to build resources from that energy. Phase 1 is designed to work best in the morning so it can help you translate all day long.

Say hello to a world where sunlight is your ultimate source of resources. Ready to embark on a journey to the world of M-States? Get Source Code Phase 1 here and teach your body how to make the most of sunlight.

Source Code Phase 2: The Next Phase of Solar Integration 🌔

Source Code Phase 2 creates a higher current and more biophotons from light. With Phase 1, we have translated the sun codes throughout the day. In the evening, Phase 2 can be used to integrate and connect to the slower pace of your night time routine.

Now it's time for us to start to connect to more of a slower rhythm, a deeper state inside of ourselves.
- Jason Estes

This M-State perfectly supports that rhythm and the brain changes that are now happening.

We recommend trying Source Code Phase 2 with apple juice! Add a small amount of the M-State to your juice, shake it up, and enjoy as part of your evening regimen.

Grounded: Stabilize & Connect with Nature 🌳

This creation is designed to help us connect with nature on a whole new level! Grounded enables us to learn valuable lessons from nature and the world around us while becoming more grounded in the process.

One thing I plan to do is help special needs children with Grounded.
- Jason Estes

Grounded has had a profound impact on Jason: it helped him to ground in his autism, dyslexia, and ADHD and manage his challenges in this world.
Similarly, it also helped an autistic employee of ZP Tech, the manufacturer of the M-States. He had difficulty communicating and showing affection like hugging before trying Grounded, and has since found great improvement in his social interactions. Because Grounded is constantly teaching him, he can now more comfortably hang out with others.

This M-State is a valuable tool for unlocking the lessons that nature can teach us. If you are looking to deepen your connection with yourself and nature, you can get Grounded here.

CloudMultidimensional Fuel for the Spirit ☁️

This is the M-State for fueling your spirit and going further than before!

The Cloud M-State Blend is designed to assist us in becoming whole. It helps to lift us up and show us the unseen so we can process more easily.

While Grounded is fuel for the earth, Cloud is fuel for the spirit, giving us the resources to go deeper and translate more efficiently. Its premise and purpose is to give us higher dimensional resources to go deeper and amplify the ability to translate information faster and more efficiently in the world.

Cloud is one of my favorite things, I drink it throughout the day just because Cloud water changes the game.
- Jason Estes

Try it for yourself and experience the game-changing effects of Cloud. See how far you can go.

SilenceEnhance Your Silent Practices 🧘‍♀️

Are you looking to achieve a deeper level of self-awareness and greater understanding? Then Silence might be a good choice for you. It is designed to help you learn the golden value of silence.

The ability to be silent and still is what that monoatomic is really about.
- Jason Estes

Silence is a powerful tool, especially for meditation, and this M-State is designed to enhance the experience. With Silence as your amplifier, when you practice stillness, you can sink into a deeper and greater understanding of yourself and the world around you.

Get your bottle of Silence here.

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