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Quantum Med Tech

Quantum Energy Wellness Bed

Quantum Energy Wellness Bed

The Quantum Energy Wellness Bed (QEWB) is a titanium-lined wellness bed that uses heat, sound, and quantum energy to create a standing quantum field, supporting the body to reach optimum wellness.


    Weight: 140 lbs
    Height: 21.5 inches
    Length: 76.25 inches
    Width: 33.5 inches


    • Oak wood
    • Titanium
    • Graphene
    • Aluminum


    These products and any health statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration and are not intended to diagnose, treat, prevent or cure any disease. Seek the advice of your qualified and licensed health care practitioner prior to starting any changes in your health regimen including the use of the QEWB.

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    The human body is vastly intelligent and more than capable of repairing and maintaining itself. All the body needs are the right resources.

    The Quantum Energy Wellness Bed (QEWB) was designed to recreate the natural resources we lack through a powerful combination of heat, sound, microcurrent, and quantum energy, assisting the body to reach total-body wellness.

    The QEWB condenses the powerful healing properties of nature, simulating the effect of many days spent in a forest through only a short, 30-minute session on the bed.

    Technologies Behind the QEWB

    The Quantum Energy Wellness Bed combines several powerful modalities, including far infrared heat, sound, and microcurrent stimulation. Together, these synergistic modalities generate a standing quantum field as well as biophotons—light particles that the body can absorb.

    • Far Infrared Heat

      The QEWB generates far infrared thermal heat, which can help promote blood circulation, detoxification and lymphatic cleansing, relief from discomfort and soreness, and deep relaxation.

    • Sound

      Built-in speakers emit sound waves through the bed’s plating, amplifying the effects of the QEWB and facilitating a powerful sound healing journey.

    • Microcurrent Stimulation

      The QEWB utilizes microcurrent stimulation, an electrotherapy that has been proven to increase circulation, promote cellular healing, and reduce discomfort and soreness.

    Book a QEWB Session

    Want to experience an in-person or remote session? We have beds located in the United States (Hawaii, Wisconsin, and Texas), Vancouver, BC and Clare, Ireland that are available for booking. We will update this list as additional sites become available.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    What is the QEWB and how does it work?

    The QEWB is a titanium-lined wellness bed that uses heat, sound, and quantum energy to create a standing quantum field, allowing the body an opportunity to reach optimum wellness.

    Who is the QEWB for?

    The QEWB was made for anyone who wishes to maintain a general state of health and wellbeing.

    What does the QEWB support people with?

    When combined with healthy lifestyle decisions, the QEWB can improve general wellness in relation to physical fitness, relaxation and stress management, sleep management, and more.

    Will the QEWB cure [disease]?

    The QEWB promotes general wellness of the body and may be supportive of your personal metabolism and physiology. Specific studies have not been conducted in a way that would support any specific medical claims.

    The QEWB and any associated health statements have not been evaluated by the FDA, and they are not intended to diagnose, treat, prevent, or cure any disease.

    How much does the QEWB cost?

    The first 100 beds sold are priced at $37,000 USD each. The next 100 beds will cost $42,000 USD each. After that, the beds will cost $55,000 USD each. Currently, we are in the process of selling the first 100 beds, and therefore the QEWB is priced at $37,000 USD.

    Who invented the QEWB?

    The Quantum Energy Wellness Bed was created by Ralph Suddath, an American inventor and the CEO of Quantum Med Tech.

    Where is the QEWB made?

    The beds are manufactured in Alabama by Quantum Med Tech.

    Is the QEWB safe?

    The QEWB uses safe, noninvasive, and low-risk modalities to facilitate the general improvement of human health. Users are encouraged to immediately discontinue use if they experience any discomfort while using the QEWB.

    How can I locate the nearest bed to me for a session?

    Currently, there are four QEWB locations (Hawaii, Wisconsin, Texas, and Vancouver) that offer sessions to the public. If you’d like to schedule a session at one of these facilities, please contact the facility directly:

    Paia, Hawaii
    Delafield, Wisconsin
    Plano, TX
    Vancouver, BC
    Clare, Ireland

    We are in the process of adding more locations to the directory of publicly accessible beds. You can join our mailing list and hear the latest updates about the directory by submitting the form below.