Biological Effects of Void Space Technology

Dr. Glen Rein, PhD
Quantum-Biology Research Lab

August, 2022


Bioelectromagnetics is the well-established study of how electromagnetic (EM) fields affect biological systems. However, this relatively new branch of science only studies certain types of “classical” EM fields. Non-classical energy fields do not obey the laws in physics which describe the behavior of classical EM and acoustic energy. Although non-classical fields are well described in the physics literature, biologists are largely ignorant of them and their role in biological systems is rarely studied. 

The Quantum-Biology Research Lab has been studying these non-classical energies, referred to here as subtle energies, for the last 50 years and has developed biological assays to measure their effects. One particular assay involves the use of purified human DNA which can act as an antenna and respond to subtle energies. Of the numerous properties of the DNA molecule that could be measured when studying its response to subtle energies, it would make sense to measure its energetic properties. One such property of DNA, which has been studied by conventional scientists, is its electrical energy. It is now known that electrons (and protons) travel along the surface of DNA and through its central channel like ordinary electricity, but also by quantum tunneling. These observations have led to a new understanding about the quantum (electrical) properties of DNA. The Quantum-Biology Lab has developed a specific method for measuring the electrical conductivity of DNA which measures both the classical and quantum (electrical) behavior of DNA. 

General Methods

The newly developed method involves modification of a standard technique called non-linear dielectric spectroscopy. This technique allows measuring the electrical conductivity of DNA at a specific frequency corresponding to one of its resonant frequencies. Standard conductivity measurements are taken at an arbitrary frequency of 2kHz. The new method takes measurements at 18.6 kHz. This resonant frequency was initially measured using another device called a Resonant Frequency Analyzer (RFA). 

The Quantum-Biology Lab has used this method to measure the electrical conductivity of human DNA and shown that DNA responds to a variety of subtle energies, including bio-energy from a healer, plasma energy from inert gasses (eg. Rife generators), energy from scalar devices, energy from geometric patterns and energy from crystals. Although some energies have a relatively small effect on DNA, causing only a 15-20% change, other energies have a strong effect causing a 40-50% change in the electric conductivity of DNA.

Specific Experimental Protocol

1. Source Seeds (original)

Two seeds were placed in a glass container holding a small test tube. One bead was placed under the test tube and one was placed on top of the test tube. The test tube contained human DNA which was exposed to the energy emitted by the source seeds for either 8 hours or 20 hours. Before and after measurements were taken and the percent change was calculated relative to the before value.

2. M-state Cloud

Distilled water (2.5ml) was added to one bottle of Cloud. 150ul of this solution was added directly to DNA. Before and after measurements were taken and the percent change calculated. After measurements were taken immediately after the Cloud solution was added.

Results & Discussion

Both Void Space technologies produced the same 90% change in the electrical conductivity of human DNA. These large effects are about 2X larger than observed with other subtle energy technologies. The most logical explanation is that these subtle energies resonate strongly with the DNA molecule. This could either be due to the frequencies they contain or their quantum properties. Previous research with EM and scalar frequencies indicates that some frequencies (eg. 432 Hz) resonate strongly with DNA, whereas others resonate weakly. Nonetheless, a strong response equated to a 45% change, significantly lower than observed here.

In the case of the source seeds a 75% change was observed after 8 hours. Assumedly a smaller change will occur at shorter exposure times and whether smaller changes will have any physiological impact on the health of the body. It is not clear whether the 90% change observed after 20 hours will keep getting stronger with longer exposure times. It is also not obvious how these results equate to human body exposure to these subtle energies. The human body is a very different target than individual DNA molecules floating in water. Although DNA does respond directly to the Void Space energies, in the body the energy needs to go through many layers and barriers before it reaches any DNA molecules in the nucleus. It is likely that other biomolecules will also respond to these subtle energies and absorb them leaving little behind for DNA. Future research between the Quantum-Biology Lab and Void Space Technologies will be required to answer these questions.