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Source Seeds

Source Seeds

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Source Seeds are 8th dimensional technology designed to create biophotons (and teach things to create biophotons) so there can be more living light particles in the world. Not for human consumption.

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Explore Source Seeds

Why were Source Seeds created?

Source Seeds were first created for the Crystallized Roots Movement for Earth Change. We discovered they do so much more, so we wanted to give people the opportunity to purchase, explore, and play with them.

What do Source Seeds do?

When introduced to water, Source Seeds create biophotons and flood the water with living light. Biophotons are the byproduct of photosynthesis, a naturally-occurring resource in the world.

How do Source Seeds work?

Source Seeds are made from a magnetic material that has been sub-spaced and programmed to create biophotons.

How are Source Seeds “8th dimensional tech”?

8th dimensional tech works beyond time and space and with magic.

How can I use Source Seeds?

How you use Source Seeds is up to you! We encourage you to play with Source Seeds and explore your own ways to use them. A few ideas are:

In drinking water. To acclimate the body, we recommend starting with one Source Seed in your drinking water. Too many Source Seeds all at once may create undesirable effects, but you can gradually add more seeds to your water as you feel called. Do not ingest Source Seeds.

For leveling up your space. Source Seeds can be used in sealed, water-filled containers and placed in the corners of a room to help the space level up. You can also create a room clearing spray by filling a glass bottle with water, a Source Seed, and essential oils of your choice. 

Some Source Seed users ask about adding Source Seeds to paint prior to painting the walls in their homes. Although Source Seeds are not built for paint, 3-5 Source Seeds in a 5-gallon paint bucket at least 48 hours prior to using the paint gives the seeds time to activate and infuse your paint with living light (the longer you can leave them in the paint, the better). We suggest leaving the Source Seeds in the paint can during painting and collecting them when you are finished. 

As a gift to trees and plants. You can pour Source Seed water on trees, plants, and gardens or bury a seed just below the roots while planting. Here are some videos about how to use Source Seeds while planting trees.

Is biophoton water different from living water?

Biophotons are living light, which help to make living water.

When Source Seeds are placed in water, will any toxic metals or chemicals leach into water?

No, no toxic metals or chemicals will go into the water.

My Source Seeds have become pale, lost their shine, or revealed a sparkling residue. Does this compromise the function of the seeds or affect the programming?

The Source Seeds will function as intended, even if they lose their shine. The programming is not affected unless a seed is shattered (which would be pretty difficult to do).

Is there a time limit on how long someone might keep their Source Seeds in a water bottle?

For the seed to stay functional, there is no limit. As for drinking the water, that’s up to the individual; a person may notice the effects are stronger, or they may have detox show up more often the longer the seed has been in the water. This is up to each individual, as long as they don’t ingest the Source Seed.

Can I leave Source Seeds in a hot tub for weeks or months at a time, or is it better to take them out in between uses?

The only potential issue is if the Source Seeds get stuck in the tub’s filters. Otherwise, there is no issue with leaving the Source Seeds in the water.

What happens if an animal ingests a Source Seed?

Most animals don’t eat anything larger than they can handle, so if an animal ingests a Source Seed, it is unlikely to cause any issues. Consuming 2 Source Seeds could be harmful, however, since the seeds are magnetic and could get stuck inside the body.