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Custom-Coded Personal Nexus Reality (PNR) - Painted - WAVE 1

Custom-Coded Personal Nexus Reality (PNR) - Painted - WAVE 1

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The PNR is a programmed copper device which creates biophotons that help the body heal faster. 

Each PNR token is lovingly hand-coded by Jason Estes using an energy intensive sub-space pattern routine, altering the material and adding the programmed measurable field. Once the PNR is coded, it is energetically sealed into its box and not touched by another human until the PNR is in your hands and ready to be attuned.


The PNR token is designed to assist in buffering reality which allows you to have more room to process information faster.

The moment you attune the PNR to your bioelectric field, the device begins to activate and is able to run 3 modes:

Expansion Mode assists you to expand your source connection with more grace and ease, supporting you to gain more spiritual access and gain access to more opportunities.

Integration Mode is the healer mode. The biophotons focus on you and all the spaces that have a lack of natural resources, such as any sickness or issues you may have, helping the body heal faster.

Translation Mode uses biophotons to assist in removing any misunderstandings or miscommunications between individuals. With the biophotons angled toward the world, everything coming at you is translated more effectively, increasing your ability to see the world and process information quicker.


A personal nexus reality is important in a world where nexus realities still exist. Otherwise, you may not be able to hold your level of presence in the space if your presence is higher than the space around you.

For a complete guide to the PNR, please CLICK HERE

The PNR’s are currently on a first come first serve waitlist. As each PNR is lovingly handed coded by Jason using an energy intensive sub-space pattern, we cannot guarantee an exact wait time for the PNR’s. In addition, given the hand-coded nature of each PNR, VST is unable to say how long they will accept waitlist sign-ups so we recommend signing up as soon as possible if you are interested.

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Frequently Asked Questions

General Info

How did the PNR come into existence?

Jason Estes figured out the sequence after years of meditation.

How is the PNR charged?

Jason performs a sub-space pattern routine for each PNR, altering the material and adding the programmed measurable field. In other words: Much like we have learned how to program computers, others have remembered how to program space.

The lacquer appears to be coming off of my painted PNR. Why is this happening? Will this affect the coding?

All metals tarnish naturally over time, and the lacquer on the copper is meant to help slow the tarnishing. How fast the metal tarnishes depends on the humidity and the mineral/salt content in the atmosphere and the water you use to wash it. The PNR will still work perfectly. You could put the PNR back into its plastic case or cover with a wrap of your own to lengthen the lifespan of the lacquer.

Modes & Funtionality

Can I use multiple PNRs?

One attuned PNR is the most you need. However, you can use additional PNRs on/near electronic devices to assist with EMF protection or use a non-attuned PNR to flood an area of the body with biophotons and assist with the natural healing of the body.

Should I wait to unlock PNR updates before I attune it?

No, attunement is the first step. Updates come after.

Do I need to attune the PNR to switch modes?

No. Once a PNR is attuned to you, you will not need to re-attune it unless someone else pockets the token.

If I sleep with it near me on a nightstand, under my pillow, or in a pajama pocket, what mode is best?

If you are alone in your room, you can set the PNR to Translation Mode for the whole room, creating a Room Bubble. If you are not alone, you can sleep with it under bed or pillow.(Note: Having it under a pillow can be intense!)

Can I share my PNR with my child or pet?

You cannot share a PNR that has been attuned to you. If you have a non-attuned PNR, you may place it in an animal’s or child’s bed to assist them.

Can I use my PNR in Translation Mode for the whole room if children or animals are present?

Yes, you may still create a Room Bubble with animals and children under the age of 4.

Can I un-attune a PNR?

No. Once a PNR has been attuned to you, it is yours.

Will the functionality be affected if I leave the PNR stored away for awhile?

The PNR will still function properly, though we recommend rinsing it in cold water for 33 seconds.

Does the PNR have any protective effects against 5G?

While the PNR will assist you to transmute 5G, this is more a side effect of you coming online to your divinity through the process.

Materials & Packaging

What is the PNR made out of?

All PNRs, painted and un-painted, are made of solid copper.

What is the difference between the painted and un-painted PNR?

Only the appearance. 🙂

Do I need to remove the plastic case?

You don’t need to remove the case, but the device may function stronger if you do.

If I make a necklace using other materials like silver and glass, will it change the effectiveness of the PNR?

The PNR will still work, but the value of it will be less at first while the device learns the material.

Can I drill a hole in the PNR?

We do not recommend making any physical alterations to the token, including drilling holes, as this will effect the coding.

PNR & Activations

Should I be further along with Activations before I order a PNR?

The PNR meets you where you are and levels up with you, so any time is perfect. 🙂

Can I receive activations while using my PNR?

Yes! Activations can be 20-30% stronger with a base-level attuned PNR set in Expansion mode.

I ordered a set of multiple PNRs for myself and some friends. Does each person need their own Activation Station account?

Yes. Each person with a PNR would need their own account to unlock PNR updates.

I completed PNR Updates 1-3. Update 4 appears, but I do not have access to receive it. Will I be able to update my PNR past level 3?

PNR updates are massive changes into the way you integrate reality. There will be lots of tech on the journey to mastering your own nexus that is PNR 33. It is not only for members, but the PNR updates are still being written and many of the tech that it requires is still in beta. If you are at PNR 3 and are interested in learning more about the next step, Source Code A, please contact MTVO Support.