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Harmony Patch

Harmony Patch

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VST’s Patches are adhesive stickers topped with silicone that have been pre-charged with certain bioantennas to create a specific outcome. When your bioelectric field meets those bioantennas, the feedback helps your body grow and enter a deeper state of wellness. In essence, the patch learns and translates data, then sends feedback into your body to help you to resolve problems that arise.

The difference between the Patches comes down to the bioantennas: Each bioantenna has a range of support it can offer, and each patch has a specific range built into it.

✨Harmony Patches are designed to assist the body to feel more stable and at home in the world.

🌟 The Harmony Patch's goal is really to work on what something called matter circuits, the 32 circuits in the womb, which is one of the reasons women tend to love the Harmony Patches.

Each pack includes 7 Patches.

While various products may impact other frequency or electromagnetic energy devices, the patches should be removed prior to any image or scanning procedure.  These procedures include X-Ray, MRI, Ultrasound or Thermography.

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