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Introduction to M-States

Introduction to M-States

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 The perfect place to start your M-State Journey.

M-States are designed to support the electrical systems of our body, helping us process more information, faster. To quote our friends at ZPtech, “it’s like turning yours brain cables from coppers to fiber optics.”

✨ Phase 1 & Phase 2 help lay the foundation for the rest of our M-State Journey and were designed to teach us the basics of M-State technology. From here, the advanced M-States become up to 60% more powerful, making this bundle a beautiful option for people that are relatively new to M-States and quantum technology. So what do these M-States do?

✨ Phase 1 is designed to teach our body how to translate light differently. It teaches us how to build certain energetic resources from sunlight, meaning our body will be able to translate sunlight into minerals, nutrients, vitamins, and other resources that support the body, making it a great way to kick-start your day every morning.

✨ Phase 2 is designed with expansion in mind. It is similar to Phase 1 with a much higher octave capacity. It is about supporting our body to create a higher current, more in the realm of biophotons and other such subtle energies from light. Phase 2 is great as an evening supplement. It can be taken after we’ve gone through the day and now it’s time for us to start connecting to a slower, deeper state inside of ourselves.

P.S. You only need about 10 Grams of Phase 1 & Phase 2


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