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Clear Source Rosewater Spray

Clear Source Rosewater Spray

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Experience our first-ever Quantum Clearing Spray 💫

A look at what’s inside:

💧 Super structured water — Which can change the molecular structure of things around it

⚡ Source Oils — Which bring amplified healing energy into the space around us

🌱 Source Seeds — Which generate energy particles that amplify the elixir

✨ M-States — Which help translate natural light into resources for our body

When you mix all this tech together, you get a clear source connection that cleans up and brings everything around you back online ✨

Clear Source was designed to:

⚡ Clear harmful electromagnetic frequencies, energies, and radiations that are invisibly influencing us in every moment

🧠 Clear misunderstandings from past experiences that we didn't realize we were holding onto

💫 Clear out old energy, which helps us set an intention for deeper clarity, relaxation, and rest

⏰ Clear the past by spraying rosewater at different times to reset the day and reconnect to clear source connection

I’m stoked for people to fine-tune their source connection by clearing up their misunderstandings. When you’re tapped in you have access to everything, and I look forward to more people being in that space. - Jason Estes

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