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Head in the Clouds: Shampoo

Head in the Clouds: Shampoo

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The Head in the Clouds Shampoo is no ordinary Shampoo—
It is formulated with Source Oils and M-State technology to clean your head and clear your mind. 

A deeper dive into the 'Head in the Clouds' Shampoo:

🌱 A vegan, paraben-free formula with no added sulfates, phthalates, or gluten that’s suitable for all hair types

💧 Hand-crafted with Source Oils: Essential oils infused with Source Seed technology to have their own, living energetic field

☁️ Blended with the Cloud M-State, fuel for the spirit that amplifies your ability to translate energy into resources

💆‍♀️ A refreshing, hydrating cleaner for the hair, scalp, and body that includes soothing organic aloe, chamomile, and other organic extracts

Together, these quantum technologies create a threefold magical experience that cleans your head and clears your mind, helping us connect to the world on a deeper level. 

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