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M-States are very small and powerful molecules bound with different alloys to create specific frequencies that we can tap into and learn from. The frequencies of the M-states are designed to interact with the field that translates the light that is around us, which is also called the Sun self. This means that taking an M-State can actually help us to develop a better understanding of ourselves, nature, and the sun itself.

The Light M-State Blend is designed assist the body to work with light. It provides the minerals required for light translation, amplifying the body’s ability to access light’s abundant resources.

While Source Codes 1 and 2 provide an introduction to the translation process, Light is a more direct translator. The Light M-State provides fuel for translation, making the body more efficient at processing light energy and turning it into bioavailable resources.

Light is Jason Estes’ “Crown Jewel” creation: It helps us unlock the secret to translation and has the potential to enhance every aspect of life.

“If I could only teach one thing for the rest of my life and that was it, it would be translation. The ability to understand and translate light is the answer to everything. So to be able to build an M state that's designed to support that… I'm almost certain that it will enhance everything that we do.” - Jason Estes

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